IP55 Waterproof Phone Case

Case designed specifically to mount your mobile phone on motorcycles and open vehicules.Tested to the most stringent standards applicable to motorcycling including IP55 waterproofing whilst plugged to the charger. The phone can still be fully operated when mounted.

This holder is also the only modular phone holder on the market. All of its components are interchangeable so that it can be upgraded to fit other phone types or vehicles at minimal costs.

Models Covered:

>  Apple iPhone 7+
>  Apple iPhone 7
>  Apple iPhone 6+ & 6S+
>  Apple iPhone 6 & 6S
>  Apple iPhone 5 & 5S
>  Apple iPhone 5C
>  Apple iPhone 4 & 4S
>  Apple iPhone 3G & 3GS
>  Samsung Galaxy S5
3 Generations of Waterproof Phone Cases


>  IP55 waterproof, charging or not
>  Fully useable touch screen
>  Front camera opening
>  Opening for back camera
>  External on / off button
>  External volume controls
>  Waterproof membrane

>  RAM® Quick Release
>  Single action mount clip on / clip out
>  External menu button
>  Opening for charger cable
>  Waterproof cap


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