Market Leading Mounting Solutions

The Twisty Ride iPhone holder makes use of RAM® which is the most comprehensive mounting system on the market today. RAM® provides a large number of solutions covering a large number of situations:

  • Handlebar mounts
  • Mirror stem mounts
  • Bolt mounts
  • Brake / clutch reservoir mounts
  • Fork stem mounts
  • Bicycle mounts, etc

Customer Unboxing

Motorcycle Mount:

>  Dual mount: handle bar and brake / clutch assembly
>  Zinc coated metal U-bolt accommodates rails from 0.50" to 1.25" in diameter

Scooter Mount:

>  Mirror and pinchbolt adaptor with 9 mm hole
>  Powder coated marine grade aluminium arm length: 2.38” (2” socket to socket)

Bicycle Mount:

>  Accommodate handlebar / stems diameters up to 35 mm
>  Includes a 12 degree tapered shaft for tapered handlebars / stems
>  Pivot adjustment in steps of 45 degrees


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