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Motorcycle Roads from Around the World!

Twisty Ride is a website created by motorcycle enthusiasts to allow the biking community to create and share tours and adviceon the best motorcycle roads known to man. Depending on the destinations, duration of travel and regions of interest you enter into the system, Twisty Ride searches the comprehensive road database and puts together the most enjoyable motorbike trips possible.

Over the years we have built a database of the best motorbiking roads from around the world. These range from a 10 km stretch of motorcycle heaven in Cheshire, UK to the (almost) entirety of Route 66. We assembled this fantastic collection of routes through existing public sources, user recommendations and sheer effort and personal experience as complete motorcycle nuts.

This database is, however, just a big pile of unconnected roads. Some companies out there would provide them to you on predefined paper tour guides or road books. But we find them impractical for two wheels. What we really wanted is a tool that gives us the most biker-friendly way to visit a place of our choice, within the amount of time available to us. In other words: "I have five days ahead of me and a big urge to visit Cornwall on great motorbike roads. Make it happen!"

Thanks to the world of Artificial Intelligence, this is what we have created. It just so happens that, aside from riding motorbikes, we're also not too shabby at writing computer algorithms used by big companies to make big bucks. Only this time we thought it would be nice to share our skills with the biker community. The result is a piece of software that we named "RoadCloud", capable of putting together all those roads to maximise your enjoyment while satisfying your particular requirements.

So instead of serving up some ill-fated tours that you somehow have to shoehorn into your tight schedule and far, far, away departure point, we give it to you exactly the way you want it. And just when you thought life couldn't get any better, we do all this for free. Amazing!

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The green bikes represent the start of one or many motorcycle roads.