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Garmin Zumo Upload Help

This section presents a step-by-step guide on how to load the roadbook produced by Twisty Ride on to your Garmin Zumo GPS navigator. If you have any problems with loading the roadbooks onto any device, please drop us a line at puncture@twistyride.com.

1) Download the Garmin compatible GPX file from the website. After you search for a trip or tour on Twisty Ride, you are presented with a result screen. Click on "Garmin Upload".

2) Extract the contents of the zip file downloaded from our website onto a folder on your computer (do not copy the zip file itself - extract the GPX contents first and copy those).

3) Connect the Zumo to your computer using the provided USB cable. Two additional drives appear in your computer’s list of drives. “Garmin” is the available storage in the Zumo’s internal memory. The other removable disk drive is the SD card (if you do not have an SD card, only one drive will appear).

4) Open the MapSource software provided by Garmin. Make sure that it has been updated recently (Help -> Check for Software Updates) as early versions of the software had issues with GPX files.

5) In MapSource, go File -> Open

6) Select the GPX file format in the drop down menu

7) Select one of the GPX file extracted from the Zip file

8) MapSource will now display the itinerary. Each waypoints are connected by a straight line because MapSource does not do the routing directly. Do not worry, once loaded into the Zumo, the twisties will appear.

9) In MapSource click Transfer -> Send To Device...

10) Repeat steps 5 to 9 to load all the GPX files present in the Zip file loaded from our website.

11) Once done, unplug your Zumo. Using the touch screen, touch > User Data. The following menu will appear.

12) Now touch "Import Data" to load the Twisty Ride routes that you have just saved onto the device.

13) Go back to the main menu on the Zumo, touch "Where To?" and then "Custom Routes". You will see your itinerary here.

14) Go ride!