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Best Motorcycle Roads

Some may tell you the best motorcycle roads are those technical twisty routes that can only be found in the Alps. After all, they are known to be some of the most demanding and exhilarating roads in the world. Others will say that heavenly motorbike roads are long stretches of straight routes across the Arizona desert, with breath-taking scenery, best enjoyed while cruising on a Harley Davidson. Even riding in the city jungle, filtering through the traffic in Paris or skirting along the Thames from Big Ben to Canary Wharf in London can be an adrenaline-charged experience, despite the traffic jam.

The rating of great motorcycle roads pretty much depends on the riders and his or her own interests, riding style and skills. Nevertheless, we all come to conclude that a great motorbike road is one that gives you aunique sensation of freedom which makes you feel part of the scenery. While adding routes to our ever-growing road database, we’ve analysed various factors which make sure fun is part of the itinerary provided by our Motorcycle Journey Planner whether it takes in mountains, flatlands, cities or coastal twisties.

Motorycle Roads two Riders

We think that always riding on the same type of road is not be much fun, so the itineraries provided by our route planner have been designed to mix pleasures by providing the best corners, straight lines and scenic roads en route from your departure point to your destination. Here is how we classify and evaluate a road to ensure you will get the best motorbike rides, wherever your journey takes you.

Motorcycle Roads - Corners

Motorcycle roads corner hairpin

Twisty and winding roads are a must for any good motorcycle trip. Hairpin turns when the route climbs up and down the hill and higher speed zig-zag corners are packed with adrenaline when you pick your breaking line, lean in, pop your knee out and then back up again.

Motorcycle Roads - Straights

Motorcycle roads straights

After a few hours of cornering at lower speeds, we all enjoy opening up the throttle a little to reach our destination on time. It's good to feel the bike safely connected to the ground as you accelerate along a straight, smooth road. The forces are in balance around the bike and all you have to do is adjust the speed regulator, turn on the stereo and enjoy the sights!

Motorcycle Roads - Scenery

Motorcycle roads scenery

The best motorcycle routes take you through amazing scenery: rolling hills and long climbs, breath-taking views of the valley, beautifully terrifying cliff roads and warm, pleasant sea roads. There is nothing like riding down hills during the sunset with high buttes and the sea on the horizon.

Motorcycle Roads - Visibility

Motorcyce roads poor visibility

Visibility very much depends on the weather conditions. If you ride in deep fog or at night, you can expect to see less. It also depends on the season. In spring or summer the branches and leaves can obstruct the view, and in winter the low sun can be dazzling. These are not things our journey planner can foresee, so just  be careful in all conditions and remain aware of your surroundings.

Motorcycle Roads - Surface

Motorycle roads surface

When it comes to staying shiny side up, it’s all about grip. It’s difficult to plan ahead for all eventualities, so just remain vigilant and adjust your riding style according to the conditions on each road. For example,  sea roads, especially in the south of France and Italy, are extremely slippery. Also watch out in the mountain for gravels which may surprise you in the corner.  

Motorcycle Roads - Police Presence

Motorcycle roads police presence


You can expect to find police or speed cameras on any good motorcycle roads and itineraries which have been recommended by Bike Magazine. Main roads and big cities also have a greater police presence, which is why we tend to prefer staying slightly off the beaten track.

Motorcycle Roads - Hazards

Motorcycle roads hazards

Watch out for them! They can come in many forms on the road: potholes, branches, tree leaves, unidentified object or animals, etc. Be aware of what is ahead and to the side of you at all times and be prepared to avoid any obstacles. Open your eyes for animals when you ride in the country at twilight or dawn, as they  tend to literally jump in your wheels when you get too close. By riding at a sensible speed and keeping your wits about you, avoiding potential dangers safely and in good time is not difficult.

Motorcycle Roads - Traffic

Motorcycle roads traffic

The rule of thumb is to avoid big cities, major junctions and the seaside during the peak season. If you stay in the country on winding roads there is usually less traffic generated by cars as most passengers would feel unwell after just a few corners. If you do encounter traffic, then filter through carefully.