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Best Brews along UK’s Motorcycle Roads

A good ride on some of UK’s finest motorcycle routes wouldn’t be complete without a break in a great biker friendly brew. There, a world of opportunities opens itself to the tired biker, like stretching one’s legs without risking road rash, drinking fluids other than rain water and even eating something that does not naturally fly.

Beware though, we are not talking about a Tesco petrol station here. No, no. The places below are addressed to the connoisseur rider, the savvy biker who enjoys his pint with fellow “motorcycle enthousiasts”, discussing Rossi’s braking technique whilst enjoying a great location. This is where our guide of some of the best motorcycle cafes and hang-outs in the UK comes into play. So read on and make sure you let us know of your favorite spot at IWouldLikeThisPlaceToBeMyHome@twistyride.com.

Applecross Inn, Wester Cross, Inverness

The Applecross Inn is an award-winning venue and an ideal place to take a longer break with its hearty meals and dozens of whiskies on offer. Those taking a motorbike tour of Scotland should definitely stay overnight here to make the most of it.


Devil’s Bridge, Casterton, Lancashire

Devil’s Bridge is one of the most picturesque biker meets in the UK with a great legend to boot. The story goes that the bridge was built by the devil in return for the soul of the first thing to cross it. He was rather put out when an old lady sent across her dog before her! These days, bikers can walk without fear and mingle with dozens of fellow bikers over a burger and hot drink. Watch out for the dog.


Tan Hill Inn, Richmond, North Yorkshire

There isn’t a pub in the country with better views than the Tan Hill Inn in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. Nowhere else can bikers feel on top of the world like this, as at 1,732ft above sea level, it is the highest pub in Great Britain. Of course, this means spectacular scenery and some of the most thrilling roads, complete with a Laguna Seca-esque mini corkscrew that is not for the faint-hearted.


Squires, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Wednesday nights at Squires are dedicated to life on two wheels, as are most summer weekends. With parking for hundreds of bikes and great motorcycle roads in the area, all types of bikers gather here to enjoy an out-of-this-world hot chocolate and filling pasties. Those who love to shop are also catered to with the on-site SpeedStyle store and monthly autojumbles.


Cat and Fiddle Inn, Macclesfield, Cheshire

The Cat and Fiddle Inn is a traditional British pub on the A537 Buxton to Macclesfield road, which is a firm favourite with those on motorbike tours in the area. Anyone who braves the climb during winter can warm up at the open fire and in summer you can see and hear the bikes coming from miles away. There is even a webcam at www.maccinfo.com/cat/ so bikers can check the conditions before setting off.


Ponderosa, Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen

The Ponderosa in north Wales is another great biker stop-off with fantastic views and many moving obstacles in the form of sheep! There is a lot of room for bikes and bums and a whole range of food on offer to keep you going on the next leg of your motorcycle tour.


MFN, Shipley Gate, Nottingham

MFN has two nights dedicated to bikers - Mondays and Wednesdays - and is a great central meeting place for those enjoying the motorbike roads around the Midlands. Live music is often the order of the evening, so get those legs moving again on the dance floor!


Bassett’s Pole, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Thousands of bikers descend on Bassett’s Pole on summer Tuesdays, but the police do too so be on your best behaviour when visiting! Expect lots of friendly bikers whatever the weather.


The Durlston Castle, Swanage, Dorset

For those who enjoy the fresh air there is surely no better place for a break than The Durlston Castle on the south-west coast. Catch your breath in the cosy pub and keep your energy levels up with chips and freshly-caught fish, before stretching your legs along the promenade and taking in the history of the area. No pics here, so if you have a good please send it to us at puncture@twistyride.com!


Ace Café, London

Ace Café is, simply put, ace! There are given nights for certain classes of bikes, but no one is ever excluded as the venue has been built by bikers, for bikers. Award-winning and with a focus on great rock and roll music, the café is the capital’s hottest biker haven.

by Gemma Rathbone

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