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Motorbike Maintenance

Motorbike Maintenance - Road Trip Checklist

Modern motorcycles are sturdy beasts, especially when they come from Japan. Nick Sanders' Yamaha R1s famously and regularly go around the world (55,000 km) on only two services. Even Ducati has lengthened the service intervals of its delicate machines. But this doesn't mean bikers can afford to neglect their machines, especially when a problem can ruin those precious two-wheel journeys.

To help your motorbike trips stay problem-free, we have developed a maintenance list which covers the essential things to check before setting off. At the very least, you should always remember the two principles of motorbike maintenance:
- Oil and coolant are the blood of the engine;
- Avoid crash by checking brakes, tyres and linkages.

And because you will want to customise this list to suit your own bike, you can download it here. If you have any other motorcycle maintenance tips you’d like to share with fellow bikers, let us know at puncture@twistyride.com.


Action Frequency Done
Adjust chain tension Before departure
Top up coolant level Before departure
Check lights Before departure
Check clutch fluid level Before departure
Visual break pads check Before departure
Check service schedule Before departure
Check insurance expiration date Before departure
Check road tax expiration date Before departure
Check insurance international cover Before departure
Check tyres remaining mileage Before departure
Change engine oil & oil filter According to service schedule
Change tyres Sport 3000 miles, road 6000 miles
Adjust tyres pressure Before departure then every week
Manual tyres pressure feel Every morning
Check brake fluid level Every morning
Grease chain Every morning
Adjust engine oil level Every night
Check tyres threads Every night

Download the checklist here excel