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Motorbike Packing List

Motorcycle Packing

Below is the "ultimate" motorcycle packing list, compiled following years of touring experiences – good and bad.  It can be used as a luggage checklist when going on a road trip so you can be sure not to forget anything. Because everyone has different needs, tastes and luggage capacity, we have classified the items in three categories: Vital, Plus and Luxury. This helps decide whether it is necessary, a helpful bonus or something you can easily do without. And because you will want to customise it to your own tastes, you can download an Excel version of it here.  If you have any suggestions for our motorbike tour packing list, get in touch at puncture@twistyride.com. We’re always interested to know fellow bikers’ opinions on whether we’re packing everything but the kitchen sink or missing things out.


Input Number of Days Download
Category Item Quantity Necessity Packed
Bike Gear
  Bike Trousers 1 Vital
Bike Jacket 1 Vital
Gloves 1 Vital
Boots 1 Vital
Helmet 1 Vital
Waterproof Gloves 1 Vital
Waterproof Coat & Trousers 1 Vital
Waterproof Boot Covers 1 Vital
Sun Glasses / Other Dark Visor 1 Plus
Neck Bandanna (Bluff) 1 Plus
High Visibility Vest 1 Plus
Personal Clothes
  Shoes 1 Vital
Trousers / Jeans 1 Vital
Thermals (top+bottom) 1 Vital
Technical Long Sleave Top Vital
T-Shirts Vital
Pants Vital
Socks Vital
Personal Care
  Toothpaste 1 Vital
Toothbrush 1 Vital
Lip Balm 1 Vital
Shower Gel 1 Vital
Moisturising Cream 1 Vital
Deodorant 1 Vital
Earplugs Vital
Kleenex Pack Vital
Pharmacy / First aid 1 Vital
Towel 1 Plus
Sun Cream 1 Plus
Shampoo 1 Plus
Scrub Cloth 1 Plus
Multi Vitamins 1 Plus
Shaving Foam 1 Luxury
Aftershave 1 Luxury
Razor 1 Luxury
Hair Care 1 Luxury
  Passport / Visas 1 Vital
International Driver Licence 1 Vital
Insurance 1 Vital
Cash / Foreign Currency 1 Vital
Credit Card 2 Vital
Vehicule documents 1 Vital
Map 1 Vital
Keys & Spares 1 Vital
Reservations 1 Vital
Book 1 Luxury
  Travel Plug 1 Vital
Camera, Case & Charger 1 Vital
Mobile Phone & Charger 1 Vital
GPS & Charger 1 Vital
MP3 player & Charger 1 Plus
Watch 1 Plus
  Swiss Army Knife 1 Vital
Mini Toolkit 1 Vital
Zip Ties 15 Vital
Chain Oil 1 Vital
Puncture Repair Kit 1 Vital
Insulation Tape 1 Vital
Rag 1 Vital
Maglite 1 Plus
Lighter 1 Plus
Full set of spare light bulbs 1 Plus
Engine Oil 1 Plus
Gear lever replacement (bolt) 1 Plus

Download the motorcycle packing list here excel