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Twisty Ride is the leading manufacturer of waterproof iPhone mounts designed specifically for motorcycles. Our cases are fully waterproof and dustproof and certified to the highest IP55 standard with or without the charger plugged in. This means your iPhone will remain powered and safe throughout your ride, no matter its length or the weather conditions, a necessity for satellite navigation. Our range covers all iPhones produced to date from 3G to 6 and also the Samsung S5 with an easy and cost efficient upgrade path in between each version - upgrade your phone and you only need to update a minimum of Twisty Ride components.

We have partnered with RAM Mount USA to create our mounting system which means we can truly say we have a clean and simple solution for any bike currently on the market. Our case is also compatible with our iPhone charger for motorcycles which has been specifically designed for the iPhone and is fully compatible with all versions of Apple iOS including iOS 7 and above.

Twisty Ride is a motorcycle business born from our passion as bikers and we take pride in creating quality products that you can count on. Our rule is simple: we like it, we use it, we sell it. The iPhone holder, cases, mounting system and charger you see on this website have been tested not only in the lab but also by our good selves on long adventure motorcycle trips throughout the world as well as lengthy track days.

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